In doing bussines

We have four pillars that characterize the performance of Kedai Karir Consultant




Like a colony of ants that greet each other friendly and coordinate warmly as close as friends. Kedai Karir always strives for initiatives to coordinate and dig deeper into the desires of clients so that we have the same understanding to recommend professional employee according to client needs






The chameleon's ability to adapt quickly to the environment has inspired Kedai Karir to have a deep understanding of candidate’s potential and the character of the position to be offered. This in-depth understanding become the assets for Kedai Karir to formulate strategy to explore unique potentials required to each different position.






A fast-moving,focused cheetah describes the way our moves and how we thinks that is tactically and in a structured manner. This makes the recruitment process and analysis more efficient in terms of time.









Luwak's intuition and carefullness in work for choosing coffee beans that ultimately produce premium coffee with delicious taste underlies our way of selecting the right candidate. A test kit that assesses various aspects of a prospective professional can provide accurate analysis so that we can recommend the right person for the right position.