Psychological Testing


Psychological Testing Is a psychological test service that is focused on helping companies to obtain a profile of psychological potential and job competencies for prospective new employees as well as for employee needs.

This psychological test will produce three (3) recommendations: suggested, considered or discouraged. Recommendations will also be complemented by a psychogram, a psychological dynamic profile, a summary of strengths and weaknesses, and development advice.



Recruitment Consultant


We helping companies to get competent employee candidates by emphasizing the aspects of speed and accuracy.This service is divided into several types:


A.  Full Recruitment Services

Kedai Karir will help you with the recruitment process starting from the preparation of job qualifications, advertising in the media / campus / school, administrative selection, calling for the selection process, testing, interviews, technical proficiency tests, TOEFL tests, up to preparing for medical tests.


B.  Recruitment Event Management

Kedai Karir will become a company representative in job fairs and recruitment events in campuses / schools.

C.   Executive Search

This is our premium recruitment services to help companies find managerial or specialist level candidates in a field through a more intensive and personal approach so that companies get the employees they need quickly.


Training & Counseling

Training & counseling is a medium to assist companies in developing their human resources. This is specially made with a creative and innovative approach according to the needs of the company. This also carried out by trainers and facilitators who have strong experience in their fields. 

Training and counseling can be done privately or in groups according to company needs. The training theme is not only limited to material in the HR field but also in other fields such as communications, business and financial management, and IT. The various training themes will be presented by trainers or speakers who are experts in their respective fields