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QuestionI have 9 years working Experience in Thermal power plant Operation and Commissioning of Boiler, turbine and BOP area. so I want to work in Indonesia, do you hire from india? 

Answer : Sorry, there are currently no vacancies available for foreign workers


Question: I want to apply for a boiler engineer. Please inform the email and the procedure. Thanks

Answer:  You can apply by sending your application and attachments directly to ayojoin@kedaikarir.com.

Question: I have completed registration at PT Bhumi Jepara Service via the kedaikarir website, but when I looked at another website for PT Bhumi Jepara Service registration by sending an email to ayojoin@kedaikarir.com, which is the correct registration?

Answer: We are currently improving the registration system via the website, while registration can be done by sending an email with attachments to ayojoin@kedaikarir.com


Question: I can't log in, I have done all the input commands and I have reset the password several times or the captcha is still always an error, is the system under maintenance or what ??


Answer: You can directly send your application to ayojoin@kedaikarir.com.