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 Mechanical Maintenance Technician



Senior Technical High School in Mechanical or Diploma degree (D3/S1) in Mechanical Eng. Or Naval Eng

Full time



  1. Department : Mechanical Maintenance

  2. Superior/User : Mechanical Supervisor

  3. Subordinate : -

  4. Education : Senior Technical High School in Mechanical or Diploma degree (D3/S1) in Mechanical Eng. Or Naval Eng

  5. Work Experience : Having 5 years Experiences for Senior High School Graduated or 3 years experiences for D3/S1 graduated. Having working experiences as Technician Coal Firing power plant. Having Mill wright and rotating equipment maintenance skill will be an advantage.

  6. Key tasks and responsibilities include:

    • Undertake Preventive Maintenance (PM) Corrective Maintenance (CM) Work base on CMMS work order issued by Supervisor and base on mechanical BOP/Turbine maintenance procedure and instruction.

    • Conduct routine function test of all of mechanical rotating parts/equipments in BOP/Turbine Area as well as standard required.

    • Report all significant known operational, design, equipment deficiencies/defects to BOP/Turbine Supervisor and record it into hardcopy work order.

    • Perform periodic maintenance inspections to identify and report status of equipment and system deficiencies.

    • During mobilization period, take part in commissioning test and record it into database.

    • Conduct of maintenance daily work with refer to Permit To Work (PTW) and BJS safety & environment rule.

    • Conduct and maintain high standard for BOP/Turbine maintenance work refer to quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness concern.

    • Fullfill check sheet completely and in correct manner of maintenance routine inspection work.

    • Attend routine daily safety and technical tool box meeting.

    • Conduct on site coordination and communication with operation and other maintenance sections to rectify complex problem.

    • Inform to Supervisor related with site fault finding, contractor/BJS maintenance work progress, repair and testing result, repair method, manhours, etc.

    • Participate to implement the policy of quality, safety & health and environment within the company.

  7. Area of responsibility:

    • BOP Mechanical Technician

  • Flue Gas Desulphurization (FGD) and Gas Gas Heater (GGH)

  • Water Treatment Plant

  • Sea Water Intake System

  • Chlorination System

  • Water Treatment System

  • Waste Water Treatment Plant

  • Cooling Water Pump System

  • All Plant Services Pump System

  • Fire water System


  • Turbine Mechanical Technician

All Mechanical Plant and equipment within Turbine Area including:

  • Main Turbine System (Turbine, Generator, Exciter, Hydrogen, Lube Oil, etc)

  • Turbine Auxillary system content with following system:

    • Control Valves System (MSV, RSV, ECV, MOV, etc)

    • Dearator, HP Heater, LP Heater, Condenser, CPP, etc.

    • Sea water pump, cooling water pump, condensate pump, Turbine feed pump-turbine drive, etc

    • Air Compressor System

    • Emergency Diesel Generator System


All of the above positions are permanent employees for placement in Jepara, Central Java. All position must proficient in English both written and spoken (minimal TOEIC score 450), as the position will have to interact in a multinational working environment in daily basis. The Company offer competitive remuneration and benefit packages, and attractive career opportunity.

To register the vacancy above, please follow the steps below:

1. Please send the complete CV with a detailed work experience description (working area, equipment specifications, and training if any) in the following format:

  1. Fill email subject according to position name & subject code (eg. C&I Supervisor CIS A6)
  2. Describe your profile and experiences in email body
  3. Attach your CV in PDF & English format with following title:

Full Name_CV_Applied Position’s Code (Rohmat Yunianto_CV_C&I Supervisor)

2. Please send before July 17th, 2020.

*Please be note that this selection process does not charge anything. Beware of fraud.