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 Turbine Technician

TB Tech

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Mechanical Engineering

Full time



  1. Department         : Mechanical Maintenance Dept.
  2. Superior/User      : Mechanical Turbine Supervisor
  3. Subordinate         : -
  4. Education            : Senior Technical High School in Mechanical or Diploma degree (D3/S1) in Mechanical Eng.
  5. Work Experience  : Having 5 years Experiences for Senior High School Graduated or 3 years experiences for D3/S1 graduated in Power generation company or other Heavy industries Having Mill wright and rotating equipment maintenance skill will be an advantage.
  6. Key tasks and responsibilities include:
    • Ability working at height, shall be able to climb at least fifty (50) feet of ladder to access scaffolding, platforms and other operational areas.
    • Ability to remain alert during extended working hours.
    • Having maintenance competency certificate Level 2 will be preferable.
    • Undertake Preventive Maintenance (PM) Corrective Maintenance (CM) Work base on CMMS work order issued by Supervisor and base on mechanical Turbine maintenance procedure and instruction.
    • Conduct routine function test of all of mechanical rotating parts/equipments in Turbine Area as well as standard required together.
    • Report all significant known operational, design, equipment deficiencies/defects to Turbine Supervisor and record it into hardcopy work order.
    • Perform periodic maintenance inspections to identify and report status of equipment and system deficiencies.
    • During mobilization period, take part in commissioning test and record it into database.
    • Conduct of maintenance daily work with refer to Permit To Work (PTW) and company safety & environment rule implementation.
    • Conduct and maintain high standard for Turbine maintenance work refer to quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness concern.
    • Fullfill check sheet completely and in correct manner of maintenance routine inspection work.
    • Attend routine daily safety and technical tool box meeting.
    • Conduct on site coordination and communication with operation and other maintenance sections to rectify complex problem.
    • Inform to Supervisor related with site fault finding, contractor/BJS maintenance work progress, repair and testing result, repair method, manhours, etc.
    • Participate to implement the policy of quality, safety & health and environment within the company.

All Mechanical Plant and equipment within Turbine Area including:

  1. Main Turbine System (Turbine, Generator, Exciter, Hydrogen, Lube Oil, etc.
  2. Turbine Auxillary system content with following system:
    • Control Valves System (MSV, RSV, ECV, MOV, etc).
    • Dearator, HP Heater, LP Heater, Condenser, CPP, etc.
    • Sea water pump, cooling water pump, condensate pump, Turbine feed pump-turbine drive, etc.
    • Air Compressor System.
    • Emergency Diesel Generator System