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 Performance Staff


5 Orang




Electrical or Mechanical Engineering

Full time



  1. Departement       : Operation Dept.
  2. Superior/User      : Performance Engineer/Leader
  3. Subordinate         :  -
  4. Education            : Diploma, majoring in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering.
  5. Position Overview : The Performance Staff are support of the Performance Engineer and their focus is on the enhancement of overall plant performance, to ensure that the Plant is able to meet its commercial and technical performance targets, while safe-guarding the long-term plant health.
  6. Work Experience :  Minimum 3 years in the role off engineering in a large Thermal Electric Power Generation Plant.
  7. Key tasks and responsibilities include:
    • Developing guidelines, operating instructions, manuals, and procedures, based on equipment manufacturers manuals, for the safe & efficient operations, as well as safeguarding and improving plant reliability, work availability and environmental performance.
    • Supporting the planning and executing for monitoring production schedule regarding plant operation performance to meet management, PPA, and business plan objectives, including production quotas and fuel consumption.
    • Monitoring & evaluation of Plant Efficiency and electricity production and advise Plant Operations and Engineering of any deficiencies and deviations from normal conditions.
    • Conducting measurements and sampling, evaluating & providing reports on Plant Emission Monitoring & Control and advise management of deviations from normal performance, while always seeking methods for improving overall plant performance.
    • Undertaking regular testing of main plant and plant auxiliaries (e.g. Net Dependable Capacity, PF sampling, air heater leakage, feed-water heater performance, FGD performance, condenser vacuum, Auxiliary Power consumption etc).
    • Reporting and documentation including intellectual property and archiving data and information.