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 Environmental Staff


2 Orang




Engineering (Environment, Electrical or Mechanical) or Public Health

Full time



  1. Departement      : HSE
  2. Superior/User     : Enviromental Leader
  3. Subordinate        :  -
  4. Education           : Minimum Diploma (D3), majoring in Engineering (Environment, Electrical or Mechanical) or Public Health.
  5. Work Experience : For Diploma (D3), minimum 1 year in Staff Level. For Bachelor Degree, fresh graduate is encouraged to apply.
  6. Key tasks and responsibilities include:
    • Having good knowledge in Environmental Management System and AMDAL.
    • To execute regular Environmental promotion activities.
    • To facilitate activities related to Environmental campaign.
    • To facilitate Environmental Safety orientation, training and socialization.
    • To conduct inspection related to Environmental Safety.
    • To provide data and information as the result of inspection and incident investigation.
    • To provide data regarding the daily compliance and the enforcement of Environmental Safety rules in the Company’s daily operation.
    • To provide data related to the fulfillment of activity and/or equipment permits and/or licenses to comply with applicable regulation.
    • To prepare data and information in order to compose reports based on government regulation.
    • To conduct test or evaluation of Environmental Safety standards (regulations, procedures, equipment, etc.)
    • To support periodical Environmental Audit.