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 Control & Instrumentation Supervisor


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Electrical, Electronics or Instrumentation

Full time



  1. Department          : Electrical Maintenance
  2. Superior/User       : C & I Leader
  3. Subordinate          : C & I Technician
  4. Education             : Diploma (D3) in Electrical, Electronics or Instrumentation. Senior Technical High School with Experiences more than seven (7) years as C & I Technicians or Bachelor Degree (S1) with minimum four (4) years of experience in large capacity of Coal Fired Power Station (>400 MW).
  5. Work Experience   : Minimum seven (7) years’ experience at C & I maintenance supervisory level or senior Technicians in Power Generation.
  6. Key tasks and responsibilities include:
  • Perform and Supervise all Preventive Maintenance (PM) Corrective Maintenance (CM) Work base on CMMS work order issued to Technicians and base on maintenance procedure and instruction, for the scope of C & I apparatus, based on Annual Budget and Operating Plan.
    • Supervise and control quality and safety for contractors during Major Maintenance overhaul or outage work and daily maintenance work.
    • Collect and keep all data record of repair, testing and measurement result of C & I equipments.
    • Report all significant known operational, design, equipment deficiencies/defects to C & I Leader and record it into CMMS work order.
    • Perform periodic maintenance inspections to identify and report status of equipment and system deficiencies.
    • Develop of technicians capability and knowledge by technical, safety and non technical training (initial training of newly recruited, general technical, emergency response, first aid, general safety, maintenance procedure, administration procedure etc.)
    • During mobilization period, take part in testing and commissioning and record the specification of equipments and test result in correct record database.
    • Maintain work order hardcopy file in database and fulfill work order Leadering comment in CMMS.
    • Maintain of Permit To Work (PTW) and company safety & environment rule implementation in maintenance daily activity.
    • Support of technician work for fault troubleshooting and analysis to the critical problem in main equipments.
    • Monitor and maintain high standard for C & I maintenance work refer to quality, safety, efficiency and effectiveness concern.
    • Develop C & I maintenance work check sheet and instruction, to be reviewed by Leader.
    • Conduct routine daily safety and technical tool box meeting before distribute work order to technicians.
    • Propose to Leader about some C & I maintenance works plan which to be schedulled and conducted on next outage period.
    • Propose to Leader about some new critical spare parts to be added and stocked in CMMS database and Store.