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 Coal Handling Plant Shift Supervisor

CHP Shift SPV B1

3 Orang




Electrical or Mechanical Engineering

Full time



  1. Department        : Jetty & Materials Dept.
  2. Superior/User     : CHP Leader
  3. Subordinate        : CHP Shift Staff
  4. Education           : Diploma (D3) in Electrical, or mechanical engineering with GPA greater than 3.00
  5. Work Experience : Minimum 5 years in the position of Coal Handling Operations in a large-scale Thermal Electric Power Generation plant of Unit capacity of at least 300MW, or in a coal mine with production capacity in excess of three million tons per annum.
  6. Key tasks and responsibilities include:
  • Promoting safe & efficient operations within the work area of the Unit 5&6 coal stockpile and coal handling plant areas.
  • Safeguarding and improving plant reliability, availability and environmental performance;
  • Supervision, monitoring, training, development and welfare of the CHP Shift Staff in operation of the coal stockpile and coal handling plant.
  • Supervision and monitoring of the Ship Unloader Operators (outside the normal working hours of the Jetty Materials Leader)
  • Achievement of the daily and weekly fuel management plan developed with the Fuel Management Leader and approved by the Jetty & Materials Manager; and
  • Shift by shift coordination with the power block Shift Leader.